Saturday, July 13, 2013

Havana Twists

I got Havana Twists!! I'm so excited because I had wanted to try this style for the longest i just had never had the time to get them installed but i finally did it. I used one and a half packs of Fingercomber ( Havana hair in the color dark brown. And I am very pleased with my purchase. The shipping was quick and the hair is great quality. On the website they tell you that their Havana hair is different from Marley hair because it mimics real natural hair. I came to find out that is the truth because as I moisturized my hair the Havana hair absorbed it and took on fabulous shine as if it was my own! Also the hair is very lightweight and it feels as if you have nothing on your head.

Maintenance: Everyday I would spray my hair with a water and aloe mix and would seal with coconut oil. When washing my hair I would only focus on the roots and I used Curls creamy curl cleanser to wash my twists.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Flax Seed Gel

This weekend I decided to take a trip to my local natural food store to pick up some new goodies! I picked up flax seeds and Aubrey Organics Pure Aloe Vera. And because the weather is warming up and like many naturals that wash and go season is approaching, so I decided to make flax seed gel! Flax seed gel is a great all natural alternative to Eco-styler and a cheaper option than kinky curly.

Things you will need:
*Flax seeds of course;)
*Tights or very thin socks (to strain your seeds)
*Aloe Vera (optional)
*Essential oils optional
For a video on how its done:

1 1/2 cups of flax seeds
2 cups of water
1 teaspoon of aloe vera juice
1/2 teaspoon of olive oil

My Finished product:

Here is a picture of me using the gel for my wash and go. My hair was still damp, and I used Shea moisture curl and Shine conditioner as a leave- in, which explains why the tips of my hair are white. But the color was gone after about an hour.

For those of you ladies that don't care for wash n gos I also used the gel for a twist out. It gave it amazing hold and shine! I even got second day hair without re twisting:0

I Love flax seed gel so much, I will definitely be making it during the warmer months, and maybe even during the colder. What I like about this gel is that it is actually moisturizing and it had great hold, which is hard to find nowadays. I highly recommend that you make it and try it out for yourselves it truly is worth it.

Teenage Naturalista

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shea Moisture Review+ Updates

Shea Moisture Review: Curl and shine conditioner and the Extra moisturizing Transitioning Milk + Updates

Sorry I have been gone so long, but with basketball season (btw we won a new England championship!:) and mid-terms I was very busy and didn't have time to post anything. However I am on spring break so you all should expect more frequent posts. Also I am very glad to announce that I am now have a instagram! You can now follow me @aironlin. I promised that I would be giving a review on some of the new products  from Shea moisture so i wanted to use them long enough to give a thorough enough review.
Now lets move on to the review shall we.....


First up we have the Raw Shea Butter Extra-Moisture Transitioning Milk...phew hats a mouth full

I  used this product like I used the oyin hair dew, as a basic moisturizer for everyday use. Now If you already own the conditioner from the Raw Shea butter line then I don't see a reason to purchase this. The only difference between the two is that the moisturizing milk is 8oz and the conditioner is 12oz. Also the milk is thinner and favors the consistency of the curl and style milk from the coconut and hibiscus line. It also has a light Shea butter smell that inst over powering. I recommend this products for finer haired naturals that found the Shea butter conditioner to heavy.

I was really excited to try the Curl and Shine conditioner because I absolutely adored everything in the coconut and hibiscus line. The main reason I bough this conditioner is because I was looking for a curl enhancing smoothie alternative that didn't contain glycerin. I use this product as a leave-in for my braid outs and it works amazing. If you are like me and cant use glycerin in the colder months but love the curl enhancing smoothie I highly suggest this conditioner. Although the curl and style milk doesn't contain glycerin it comes in a smaller bottle for the same price as this conditioner and has a thinner consistency.

Overall I was pleased with my purchase, however I don't think I will be purchasing the Transition milk again because I would rather buy the Shea butter conditioner or deep treatment mask.

Adios, until next time

Teenage Naturalista
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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Shea Moisture Products 2013!!!

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Shea moisture has added 6 new products to their already fabulous line.... and being the Shea Moisture junkie that I am you should expect reviews very soon;)

These were spotted  at my local target.  They weren't in the hair isle like the rest of the products they were in the back with all of the new releases. 

DIY Deep Condtioner

DIY Deep Conditioner

Hello everyone I'm going to let you all know about a deep conditioner I whipped up about a week ago. My hair was feeling really dry and was in need of a pick me up, so I stared to mix things together and ended up with a great hair mask. This was to good of a recipe to keep to myself so I just had to share it with all of you. Enjoy!

 3 tbsp of your favorite conditioner( I used Trader Joes tea tree tingle)
2 tbsp of coconut oil
2 tbsp of olive oil
3 tbsp of honey

Apply to hair and put on a plastic cap and your done! I had this in my hair for 30 minutes and my hair felt like a CLOUD!!! lol. If you have a lot of hair your can double the recipe for a larger portion. This recipe is a great alternative to going out and buys a pricey deep conditioner. Another great thing about this DC is that you can customize it to fit your hair needs. So don't be afraid to add other oils, humectants etc to your conditioner. Let me know what your think and what other ingredients you added to yours!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oyin Handmade Review

Oyin Hair Dew and Oyin Burnt sugar pomade Review!!!

Hello everyone I hope you all had amazing holidays! I'm so excited to update/review two new products for you. During black Friday CurlMart was having a sale on Oyin products, and I have really wanted to try two imparticular.

Oyin Hair Hew: This moisturizer is great! It is giving my Shea moisture curl and style mike a run for its money. The hair dew is protein and glycerin free so its perfects for those who are protein sensitive. It also has an incredible sugar cookie smell. I love the smell, but some of you may not; I tried it on my mom and she wasn't crazy about it. The texture of it was like your typical moisturizer, like lotion. I also went to Oyin's website and realized that the Hair Dew can be purchased in a 33oz for 34.00! and being that this is a all natural product that's a great deal! This definitely has a possibility of becoming a staple.
Ingredients: purified water, castor oil, olive oil, organic aloe vera gel, behentrimonium methosulfate (emulsifier), coconut oil, olive squalane, optiphen (preservative), cetyl alcohol, fragrance, and love!

Oyin burt sugar pomade: O.M.G. I LOVE THIS STUFF! For all of you that love braid outs and twist outs you need this pomade! For the past month or so I have been using this to seal after applying a moisturizer for my braid outs. This product has a slight hold which is just enough to keep my pattern in place. It also gives the hair a healthy sheen. I even used this to slick back my edges, it wasn't as good as eco but it got the job done. The texture of this product is like a old school hair grease, but once you rub it into your hands it turns into a oil. And like the Hair Dew it smells like sugar cookies and vanilla:) For those that don't like the sugary sent the pomade also comes in a berry scent. I'm definitively going to make this a fall/winter staple.
Ingredients: Castor oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, organic virgin coconut oil, mango seed oil, olive oil, unrefined hempseed oil, candelilla wax, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, fragrance... and love! 

I am very satisfied with my Oyin purchase and would buy these products again. I love that Oyin is a black owned business and that they use great ingredients. There are other products in the line that I would love to try but I'm good for now.

Stay tuned for more updates,


Friday, November 30, 2012

Twistout Using Curls Products

Samples, Samples, Samples

A couple weeks ago I contacted a few natural hair brands that I was interested in and asked them if they would send me samples to review. The ever so generous Curls Brand was nice enough to send me two samples to review, and I used them for a twist out. The two products that I was sent were the Cashmere Curls Leave-in Conditioner and the Cashmere Curl Jelly.

Cashmere Curls Leave-In Conditioner: It has a slightly fruity smell and a very liquid-y consistency. If it hadn't been sent to me it probably wouldn't have been something that I would have picked up, because I wouldn't have though that i was moisturizing enough for my 4a/3c hair. However I was pleasantly surprised  because the next morning my hair was shiny and moisturized.

Cashmere Curls Jelly: This styler is recommended for type 4 ladies, it claims to smooth and elongate your kinks and turn them into curls. I actually had been wanting to try this product for wash and go's, but because of the cold weather it was used to give hold to my twists.

1. I separated my hair by sections and applied the leave -in conditioner to my damp hair.
2. Then I applied the curl jelly section- by section as I made twists.
3. I let them air dry for about a half- hour then I put my satin cap on ant went to sleep.

4. The next morning I applied olive oil to my twists and took them down

My results were awesome! My hair was defined ,shiny,soft, and surprisingly moisturized. At night I simply re-twisted my hair and spritzed it with a little water. On day four I did notice white flakes in my hair from the product. Would I purchase? Maybe. If I purchased these products I know that I would be using them for a wash and go because they have great slip and seem perfect for that style. But over all I had a good experience with my Curls samples. Once again I would like to thank Curls for sending them to me.

Until next time,