Saturday, July 13, 2013

Havana Twists

I got Havana Twists!! I'm so excited because I had wanted to try this style for the longest i just had never had the time to get them installed but i finally did it. I used one and a half packs of Fingercomber ( Havana hair in the color dark brown. And I am very pleased with my purchase. The shipping was quick and the hair is great quality. On the website they tell you that their Havana hair is different from Marley hair because it mimics real natural hair. I came to find out that is the truth because as I moisturized my hair the Havana hair absorbed it and took on fabulous shine as if it was my own! Also the hair is very lightweight and it feels as if you have nothing on your head.

Maintenance: Everyday I would spray my hair with a water and aloe mix and would seal with coconut oil. When washing my hair I would only focus on the roots and I used Curls creamy curl cleanser to wash my twists.

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